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Garden Maintenance Services

Babb Services provide Garden Maintenance Services in Taunton and surrounding areas, including: Lawn Mowing, Grass Cutting, and Hedge Cutting. We also carry out a complete Garden Clearance Service for any overgrown areas, and will dispose of all waste materials. No job is too small, so contact us now for a  free quote.

Babb Services carry out lawn mowing and grass cutting to areas of any size, from small gardens to large fields and paddocks.
Whether you’re looking for regular management of grass length, looking to fully clear an overgrown garden or lawn area into usable terrain, or just want to improve your garden’s appearance, we can provide the solution.
Using a range of specialist strimming and mowing equipment, we guarantee to provide a service you will be satisfied with.
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Our hedge cutting services include the maintenance, reshaping and waste clear up of most hedge and shrub species.
We will work to your exact specifications, transforming the appearance of your hedges as you see fit.
Babb Services will responsibly dispose of any off cuttings, and will perform a thorough clean up to ensure the surrounding area is in the condition we found it in.
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We can conduct a full garden clearance service to completely clear any overgrown areas, restore wasteland into usable terrain and to dismantle (and remove) dilapidated structures such as old sheds or fences.

No matter what size land you require clearing, we will work to your exact specifications to transform any area as you see fit.

Babb Services prides itself in delivering a professional service and final finish in any garden clearances we undertake, and will fully dispose of any cuttings & waste materials from the work we carry out.

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